QiQi Vega Restructure Treatment

🌿Qiqi Vega🌿

Check out this Fabulous Hair Texture Transformation with Qiqi Vega.

From Coarse, Frizzy Unmanageable Hair to Silky Smooth, Shiny, Healthy & Easy to Maintain Hair. Qiqi Vega works on the hairs disulphide bonds, meaning the hair texture is permanently transformed, so this result will not be effected by Hair Washing, swimming, or exposure to moisture 🥰🤩 !

Qiqi Vega is a Next Generation Smoothing & Straightening Treatment. Containing No Harsh Chemicals, its Amino Acid based formula works to restructure the hair's Disulphide Bonds making problematic hair manageable & eliminating Frizz to create Beautifully Smooth, and Conditioned hair, permanently !

💙💚💛 Qiqi Vega 💛💚💙

Qiqi Vega is a Revolutionary New Hair Treatment Product That Offers...

  1. Permanent Results, Hair Texture Transformation, but with No Styling Restrictions...Continue to Style Your Hair In Waves & Curls if Desired!

  2. Fabulous Shine & Condition...Blow Drying time is greatly Reduced Throughout The lifetime of the Treatment. Qiqi Vega is Rinsed Out PRIOR to Ironing...No Smoke or Fumes during the process, and no waiting time to wash your hair..clients can continue with their normal Hair Regime🤩

  3. Colour Services can be Performed on the Same Day!

  4. Resistant to Harsh Climatic Conditions, Heat, Moisture, Sweat etc .. You can Continue to enjoy Swimming in the Sea or Pool with No Reduction in Treatment Performance💪

  5. Contains NO Harsh Chemicals, formaldehyde or a y of its components...is EU Certified.

  6. Is Vegan, Sustainable & Cruelty Free

Qiqi Vega is a Game-Changing Hair Treatment Product 💙💚💛

Credit: @johnnycompany